Priv. Doz. Dr. Christopher Adlbrecht, FHFA, FESC

Medical speciality Services My publications About me Through many years of clinical and interventional work at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) and as a senior physician at the cardiology department in the KH-Nord, I am particularly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Due to my position as head of clinical studies, I … Read more

Univ. Prof. PD Dr. Martin Schillinger

Medical speciality Services About me I offer solution-oriented medicine based on the latest scientific findings and explain the background and context so that patients understand the treatment proposals and therapies. My patients come to me primarily with heart problems, blood pressure problems and circulatory disorders. Curriculum vitae Contact details Telephone:  +43 1 367 13 73E-Mail: … Read more

Dr. med. univ. Dieter Spitzenberger

Medical speciality Services About me Patients appreciate my empathic and solution-oriented approach. I have already treated more than 45,000 outpatients and have international professional experience. As an excellent diagnostician, I endeavor to provide efficient clarifications (as little as possible, as much as necessary) and treat you trustingly and responsibly. Curriculum vitae Contact details Telephone: +43-1 … Read more

Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Kurt Redlich

Medical speciality Services Publications over 60 publications in international journals with the main emphasis on: “Inflammatory Bone Loss” About me My speciality is the clarification of all rheumatic diseases with great empathy and longstanding experience. My strengths include my competence and accuracy. Curriculum vitae Academic practice: since 1997 over 100 lectures, of that invited lectures … Read more