Priv. Doz. Dr. Christopher Adlbrecht, FHFA, FESC

Medical speciality Internal medicine Cardiology Intensive care Services Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, especially heart failure and CHD Blood pressure adjustment My publications About me Through many years of clinical and interventional work at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) and as a senior physician at the cardiology department in the KH-Nord, I am particularly … Read more

Dr. med. Gernot Rainer

Medical speciality Pulmonary medicine Paediatric pulmonary medicine Intensive care Services Spirometry (lung function test) Measurement of oxygen saturation Blood gas analysis for long-term oxygen control and prescription Blood sampling including allergy diagnostics Investigation of tuberculosis (quantiferon test) Desensitization with drops or tablets in case of allergies (SLIT) Polygraphy (sleep examination) About me A stable doctor-patient … Read more

Priv. Doz. Dr. Wolfgang Sieghart

Medical speciality Internal medicine Gastroenterology and hepatology Internal intensive care medicine Services Stomach and (preventive) colonoscopy including removal of polyps (gastro-colonoscopy) Upper abdominal sonography Clarification and therapy of esophagus, stomach and intestinal diseases Clarification and therapy of elevated liver values ​​and liver diseases of all kinds Clarification and therapy of diseases of the pancreas Care … Read more

Assoc. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Werner Dolak

Medical speciality Internal medicine Gastroenterology Hepatology Intensive care Service Advice and planning of endoscopic interventions in the gastrointestinal system Gastro and colonoscopy ERCP Endosonography Capsule endoscopy Polyp removal EMR, ESD, POEM, RFA Zenker’s diverticulum Kidney stone removal and stent insertion in gale and pancreas area Ultrasonic – selective biopsy Drainage of pancreatic cysts Hemostasis Publications … Read more