Priv. Doz. Dr. Wolfgang Sieghart

Medical speciality

  • Internal medicine
  • Gastroenterology and hepatology
  • Internal intensive care medicine


  • Stomach and (preventive) colonoscopy including removal of polyps (gastro-colonoscopy)
  • Upper abdominal sonography
  • Clarification and therapy of esophagus, stomach and intestinal diseases
  • Clarification and therapy of elevated liver values ​​and liver diseases of all kinds
  • Clarification and therapy of diseases of the pancreas
  • Care of patients with liver cirrhosis, liver cancer (HCC), liver transplants
  • Care for patients with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease

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About me

I am an experienced endoscopist and perform around 3,500 gastroscopies and colonoscopies per year. My patients also consult me ​​to clarify symptoms of the digestive tract or increased liver values. I am also available at any time for second opinions in the case of stomach, intestinal or liver diseases that have already been diagnosed. I take on the coordination of complex interdisciplinary care for cancer.

My attentive listening, careful review of findings, understandable emphatic communication and my excellent, interdisciplinary medical network are particularly valued.

Curriculum vitae

1995 – 2002: Medical studies at the Medical University of Vienna (graduation with honors), stay abroad at the Pennsylvania Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, USA
2004 – 2006: Assistant doctor for internal medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, University Clinic for Clinical Pharmacology, Section for Experimental Oncology / Molecular Pharmacology
2006 – 2011: Assistant doctor for internal medicine at the University Clinic for Internal Medicine III, Clinical Dept. of Gastroenterology / Hepatology, General Hospital / Medical University of Vienna (AKH); Co-founder of the HCC study clinic
2012: Venia docendi (“Habilitation”) in internal medicine; Member of the hepatobiliary tumor board and the interdisciplinary team for liver transplantation at the Medical University of Vienna
2013: Additional subject in gastroenterology and hepatology, scientist of the month at the Medical University of Vienna
2014 – 2017: Head of the gastrointestinal oncology working group of the Austrian Society for Gastroenterology and Hepatology (ÖGGH)
2015: Appointment as associate professor at the clinical department for gastroenterology / hepatology, AKH & Medical University of Vienna, additional subject internal intensive medicine
2015 – 2017: Head of the liver cancer (HCC) outpatient clinic and the liver cancer working group, internal management of the hepatobiliary tumor board, AKH & Medical University of Vienna
2017 – today: Partner of the Imed19 group practice, head of the endoscopy center

Contact details

Telephone:  +43 1 367 13 73

Office hours at Imed19-privat:
Tuesday 3 – 8 p.m.

Please contact me – I look forward to seeing you for a first interview!