Priv. Doz. Dr. Christopher Adlbrecht, FHFA, FESC

Medical speciality Internal medicine Cardiology Intensive care Services Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, especially heart failure and CHD Blood pressure adjustment My publications About me Through many years of clinical and interventional work at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH) and as a senior physician at the cardiology department in the KH-Nord, I am particularly … Read more

Univ. Prof. Dr. Marek Ehrlich

Medical speciality Heart Surgery Surgery Services Bypass Valve surgery Rhythm surgery (MAZE surgery via small incision from the side) Aneurysms, pacemaker Minimally invasive cardiac surgery About me I started my career at the AKH in 1993, and after a 2-year stay at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, I returned to the University Clinic … Read more

Univ. Prof. PD Dr. Martin Schillinger

Medical speciality Internal medicine Angiology Cardiology Services Internal medicine with special field heart and vessels Cardiac ultrasound Vascular ultrasound Cardiac catheter with stent implantation Vascular catheter with stent implantation 24-hour ECG 24-hour blood pressure measurement Medical Checkups About me I offer solution-oriented medicine based on the latest scientific findings and explain the background and context … Read more

Dr. Mehraz Nikoupayan-Mofrad

Medical speciality Internal medicine Services Prevention and treatment of internal and cardiovascular diseases Exclusion of acute events (acute coronary syndrome, thromboembolic events) Surgical approvals, internal mother and child passport examination, preventive examinations Internal complementary treatment of breast cancer patients Internally oriented sonography diagnostics (echocardiography, carotid duplex, abdominal sonography) About me As a passionate mother and … Read more

OA Dr. Alexandra Schratter

Medical speciality Internal medicine Cardiology Rhythmology Services Specialized cardiological and rhythmological advice and care Planning of invasive electrophysiological surgeries Electrophysiological studies Publications About me Friendly, empathic and open interaction with my patients. Comprehensible explanation of the various treatment options. Joint strategy finding of the optimal therapy option for the respective symptoms. Comprehensive cardiological training in … Read more

Dr. Annika van Els

Medical speciality Internal medicine Nephrology Services General internal advice and care Clarification and therapy of kidney dysfunction Therapy of diabetes mellitus with/without kidney dysfunction Blood pressure adjustment Clarification and therapy of thyroid dysfunction Thyroid ultrasound Abdominal ultrasound About me For me, a trusting doctor-patient relationship and comprehensive diagnostics are the basis of a therapy tailored … Read more