Dr. Yelena Devyatko

Medical speciality

  • Surgery/ Breast surgery
  • Surgical endoscopy


  • Diagnosis, advice and treatment of breast diseases in women and men
  • Surgical treatment of breast diseases
  • Aftercare for patients with breast diseases
  • Advice on familial risk of breast cancer
  • Clarification of esophageal, stomach and intestinal diseases
  • Surgical Endoscopy
  • Endoscopic Interventions

About me

My specialties are benign and malignant breast diseases in women and men. I professionally and competently advise you on all problems and challenges in connection with long-term breast cancer treatments as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as reflux disease, gastritis, intestinal polyps and many others. Individual care and personalized therapy concepts are particularly important to me. Therefore, each patient has enough time to get all questions about his / her illness answered.

Curriculum vitae

until 2004: University medical education in Kazakhstan
since 2004: Training as a specialist at the University Clinic for Surgery of the Med Uni Vienna (AKH Vienna)
2009: Physician for surgery
2012: Head of the endoscopic outpatient department at the University Clinic for General Surgery
2018: Senior physician at the Breast Health Center at the Medical University of Vienna

Contact details

Telephone: +43 1 367 13 73
E-Mail: ordination@nullimed19-privat.at


Office hours at Imed19-privat:
Thursday 2-7 p.m.

Please contact me – I look forward to seeing you for a first interview!