ao Univ. Prof. Dr. Fritz Leutmezer

Medical speciality Neurology Services Clarification of general neurological complaints Inflammatory diseases of the nervous system including multiple sclerosis Headache and epilepsy My publications About me The treatment of my patients based on the latest scientifically founded data is very important to me. I am responsive to individual perspectives and wishes and create a coherent therapy … Read more

Assoc. Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. Stefan Greisenegger

Medical speciality Neurology Services Clarification, treatment and advice for neurological diseases and complaints, in particular stroke prevention and aftercare, forgetfulness and dementia, headaches, movement disorders and Parkinson´s syndromes About me Detailed advice on neurological diseases based on the current state of medical research can sometaimes be complex and takes time, which I am happy to … Read more